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Monday, 9th August, 2010





Isbukta and South East





Give me this glorious ocean life, this salt-sea life, this

briny, foamy life, when the sea neighs and snorts, and you

breathe the very breath that the great whales respire! Let

me roll around the globe, let me rock upon the sea; let me

race and pant out my life, with an eternal breeze astern,

and an endless sea before.” - Herman Melville (1819-1891)





Early morning tea, coffee and pastries are available in the Lounge/Bar


Wake-up call


Breakfast is served in the Dining Room


We hope to zodiac cruise at Isbukta, south east Spitsbergen

Isbukta (“ice bay”) is the most southerly bay on the east coast of Spitsbergen island. It has a broad, 7 km opening to Storfjord. The Vasil’evbreen glacier complex extends for 20 km, dominating the icy landscape.

The glacier has retreated in recent years and the glacial front is now significantly different from what the navigational charts indicate. Also, the waters surrounding Isbukta are poorly charted, so distance between the ship’s position and our zodiac excursion destination will make for an interesting zodiac ride. The Storfjorden (norg.=great fjord) area, with its late ice break up, is an area that may provide an opportunity to sight polar bears.



Lunch is served in the Dining Room


Cathy will open the Ship Shop. Standby for announcements.


Presentation: Please join Wolfgangfor his talk “The Geological History of Svalbard – 4.6 Billion Years in 46 Minutes” in the Presentation Room


Afternoon tea is served in the Lounge/Bar


Presentation: Please join Tonyfor his talk “Winter Birds: The Birds of Svalbard” in the Presentation Room


Maxwelcomes you to the Bar for Happy Hour


Dinner is served in the Dining Room


Bar Talk: Please join Berna for his bar talk “A Day in the Life….”


Please remember to share a few of your photographs for the “Favourite Photos DVD”. Photos can be placed onto the computers in the Presentation Room.








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