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Friday 6th August, 2010





Furthest North & the Pack Ice


Today will be one of true expedition travel. So far this season, the

Vavilov has not sailed north to the pack ice. The most recent ice chart

indicated the edge of the pack ice may be around 81o north. Sea ice

provides prime habitat for seals and polar bears, for which we will be


Our schedule may change regularly during the day due to the ice or

weather conditions so flexibility and a spirit of adventure are essential

ingredients for enjoying this experience.


Sea Ice Concentration

The amount of sea ice in relation to open sea water is called

"ice concentration" and is reported in tenths. Following terms are

generally used for ice concentration ranges:

Open Water= a large area of freely navigable water in which sea-ice is present in

concentrations of less than 1/10. Very Open Drift Ice = sea-ice with a concentration

of 1/10 to 3/10. Water clearly preponderates over ice.

Open Drift Ice = sea-ice with a concentration of 4/10 to 6/10, many leads and polynyas,

and floes generally not in contact with one another.

Close Pack Ice = sea-ice with a concentration of 7/10 to 8/10 composed of floes mostly in

contact with each other.

Very Close Pack Ice= sea-ice with a concentration of 9/10 to 9+/10; solid floes in close

contact, nearly no water visible.Compact Pack Ice = sea-ice with a concentration

of 10/10, no water is visible but floes are not frozen together.

Consolidated Pack Ice = sea-ice with a concentration of 10/10, and ice floes are frozen




Early morning tea, coffee and pastries are available in the Lounge/Bar


Wake-up call


Breakfast is served in the Dining Room


We hope to reach the edge of the pack ice

We are amongst the few adventurous travellers in the world to reach this high latitude, perhaps less than 550 nautical miles from the North Pole. The exact location of the pack ice is yet to be ascertained and we will be eagerly watching the horizon from the bridge for its appearance.


Lunch is served in the Dining Room


Cathy will open the Ship Shop. Standby for announcements.


We hope to ship or zodiac cruise around the packice

Sea ice is the ideal habitat for Ursus maritimus, the polar bear, for which we will be seeking. This afternoon will be truly exploratory, in the spirit of Nansen, Amundsen and Nordenskjöld, and where the Vavilov may venture will be decided by the ice conditions. With the ice extending all the way from our location to the North Pole, this will be a unique experience.



Afternoon tea is served in the Lounge


Maxwelcomes you to the Bar for Happy Hour


Dinner is served in the Dining Room


Bar Talk: Please join Ben in the Bar for his talk Have Paddle, Will Travel (& Good to Go!)



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