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Thursday, 12th August, 2010





West Spitsbergen & Alkhornet



In memories we were rich. We had pierced the

veneer of outside things. We had suffered, starved

and triumphed, groveled yet grasped at glory,

grown bigger in the bigness of the whole. We had

seen God in his splendour, heard the text that

nature renders. We had reached the naked soul

of man.” - Sir Ernest Shackleton


Although this is our penultimate day, it may in fact be the ultimate

day in terms of wildlife and tundra walking opportunities. We

plan to land at one of Svalbard’s most picturesque areas to

immerse ourselves in the luxuriant tundra. There will be ample

time to ponder quietly on this incredible voyage and the

extraordinary experiences we’ve shared.






Early morning tea, coffee and pastries are available in the Lounge/Bar


Wake-up call


Breakfast is served in the Dining Room


We will be ship cruising along the west coast of Spitsbergen

This morning we will be making our way along the rugged western coastline of Spitsbergen, relocating from yesterday’s southerly position towards the dramatic entrance of Isfjorden.



Please standby for account settlement. Andy and Cathy will announce times for each deck, inviting you to the reception for payment.


Please meet in the Bar to commence a Ship Tour with Tony, Berna and John to learn more about the Vavilov’sEngine Room, Science Equipment and Bridge operations


Please join Mark for his presentation “What is the Arctic?” in thePresentation Room


Lunch is served in the Dining Room


We hope to land at Alkhornet, at the entrance of Trygghamna

Alkhornet has the quintessential features of the spectacular High Arctic: beautiful mountain and glacial scenery; wide, rich tundra; reindeer and Arctic fox; a bird cliff and historical relics from different periods. Alkhornet is part of Northern Isfjord National Park and is dominated by the sheer mountain cliff, named for its prominent shape, “auk horn”. The lush tundra is enriched by the cliff-based seabird colony, which also attracts reindeer and opportunistic foxes to the area. Being our last landing, there will be time to absorb the splendour, remoteness and tranquillity of Svalbard’s wilderness.



Afternoon tea is served in the Lounge


Please join Woody in the bar for a Voyage Recap, followed bythe Photographic Journal Slide Show, a small selection of your photographs from the hundreds on the voyage DVD.


The Captain’s Dinner is served in the Dining Room


Please enjoy our last evening together, in the bar or out on deck, as we sail in the beautiful Isfjord.





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