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Enjoy the trip to Svalbard


Tuesday 3rd August, 2010


Spitsbergen Explorer
Akademik Sergey Vavilov




On behalf of Captain Beluga, his Officers, Crew and Staff

Welcome aboard!


Captain & Officers:

Expedition Staff:


Valeriy Beluga

Expedition Leader

David “Woody” Wood

Chief Officer

Igor Pashkov



Chief Engineer

Anatoliy Belyakov

Assistant Expedition Leader

Annie Inglis

Radio Officer

Andrey Makarov


Mark Tatchell

Passenger Mate

Lena Ivashova


Tony Crocker

Hotel Staff:

Marine Biologist

Berna Urtubey

Hotel Manager

Andy Wolff

Historian / Photographer

John Rodsted

Assistant Hotel Manager

Cathy Hirst

Geologist / Glaciologist

Wolfgang Bluemel

Executive Chef

Manfred Umfahrer


David Riordan

Sous Chef

Cem Tosun

General Assistant – “That Girl”

Mette Eliseussen

Sous Chef

Patricio Gonzalez

Kayak Guide

Ben Jackson

Pastry Chef

Stefano Chiolo



Bar/ Wine

Max Chamard


Bob Thompson




Embarkation – Welcome aboard!

Please feel free to explore the vessel and make yourselves comfortable.

We ask you not to enter areas marked “Crew Only” or “Restricted Access”







Please join staff in the bar for a Welcome Afternoon Tea.

Expedition Leader, David “Woody” Wood and Hotel Manager, Andy Wolff, will provide a welcome briefing

Mandatory Lifeboat Briefing in the bar (Deck 6).

You do not need to bring anything to the Lifeboat Briefing.



Explore theAkademik Sergey Vavilov, familiarising yourself with amenities on Decks 3 to 6

We ask you not to enter areas marked “Crew Only” or “Restricted Access”




Mandatory Lifeboat Drill. Please assemble at muster stations on Deck 5.Ensure you are dressed warmly and bring essential medications to the Lifeboat Briefing.



Hotel Manager Andy Wolff and Executive Chef Manfred Umfahrer invite you to the Welcome Dinner served in the Dining Room (Deck 3).

Introduction to Staff



  • Please check that your luggage has been delivered to your cabin. If you are missing luggage or find another person’s luggage in your cabin, please inform staff immediately.

  • Please take care moving around the ship as decks and stairs may be slippery. “One hand for the ship” at all times.

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