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Saturday, 7th August, 2010





Alkefjellet, Hinlopen Strait &





The barrenness of the country and the severe weather

conditions had attached to North East Land a peculiarly

evil reputation, increased by the disappearance of

Schroeder Stranz and three other members of the German

Arctic Expedition in 1913, and by the Nobile disaster of 1928

.” - R.A. Glen, Under the Pole Star




Early morning tea, coffee and pastries are available in the Lounge/Bar


Wake-up call


Breakfast is served in the Dining Room


We hope to zodiac cruise at Alkefjellet, at Kapp Fanshawe

Alkefjellet (“Mount Guillemot”) is the nesting location for over 60,000 breeding pairs of Brünnich’s guillemots, and the sounds, sights and smells of the colony will be a feast for the senses. The backdrop for this wildlife spectacle is the imposing cliffs and basalt columns, towering up to 100 m high, interspersed with a dark layer – a doleritic intrusion. The molten rock, as it intruded, caused the limestone in the contact zone to re-crystallise to form marble (contact metamorphism). The dark and light stratum of rocks adds to this dramatic setting.

The activity of this breeding colony, with the possibility of lost eggs and chicks from the narrow ledges, may enable sightings of opportunistic Arctic foxes.



Lunch is served in the Dining Room


Cathy will open the Ship Shop. Located on Deck 1 but use aft stairs from Deck 3 (past mudroom)


We hope to land at Torellneset on Nordaustlandet

Nordaustlandet is the second largest island in Svalbard and Torellneset is at the southwestern point of Gustav Adolf Land. Named after Professor Otto Martin Torell (1828-1900), who was managing director of the Swedish Geological Survey from 1871 to 1897, Swedish geologist and a student of the Ice Age, Torell led expeditions to Spitsbergen in 1858 and 1861.


This area is a polar desert with a vast, barren landscape with limited flora, apart from intermittent saxifrage and an abundance of lichen managing to survive in this rocky, windswept soil. There is a possibility of seeing walrus that occasionally haul out on the beach at this site.



Afternoon tea is served in the Lounge


Maxwelcomes you to the Bar for Happy Hour


Dinner is served in the Dining Room


Bar Talk:Please join John in the Bar for his talk: “Saturday Night in Afghanistan



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